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I was feeling fine, healthy and active until I turned 70. Then everything started to fall apart. It got so bad, I needed back surgery, and I still had tremendous pain and immobility ever since. I tried different supplements, and they helped a little, but this sweetamine is GOLD! Now I have my life back; I can do things and go places again. Thanks, Dr. Brind: You got GOLD!        Yvette, age 78, Chicago, IL

I pulled several muscles in my back 40 years ago and have had recurrent back pain and muscle injuries ever since. But  sweetamine has given me more normalcy with my back than I’ve felt in years!        Jeana, Salem, OR

Hi Dr. Brind! Just as you said it would, Sweetamine is reducing my inflammation and brain fog, and  I feel like a new person. No more joint pain. Greater flexibility and range of motion. I feel good every day and my brain fog is gone! I wake every morning with my brain on “ON”! I’m even able to set my schedule and actually get things done, instead of losing track, losing energy and giving up hope. I can’t thank you enough for Sweetamine. It’s changed the trajectory of my life. So glad I heard you on the Drew Mariani Show.
P.S. I visited my Endocrinologist and did all my tests. For the first time in 10 years, I was told I had no inflammation and all my “numbers” were right where they need to be. Truly a miracle, with a small “m”.
Teri, age 65, Sacramento, CA

Having worked in construction, I had been suffering terribly with back and shoulder injuries for 17 years. All in all, I have had to endure 6 shoulder surgeries, 5 spinal surgeries and another dozen outpatient procedures. This left me with intense chronic pain, requiring me to take 8 doses of opioids (morphine and Percoset) every day to get through the day, for the last several years.

Then my brother heard you on the Drew Mariani radio show, and he said “You oughtta try this stuff”. So I did, and after about a week of sweetamine, I started to feel incredible relief from the pain and immobility, and have cut my use of painkillers literally in half.  I feel like I have my life back, and I’ve been sharing my sweetamine story–and my sweetamine, too–with many others! Thank you, Dr. Brind: your sweetamine has been a great blessing to me!                Anthony, Pico Rivera, CA

I had one ear that was completely blocked with inflammation for months, and then the other ear started up. And my right shoulder was also badly inflamed, with an MRI showing my rotator cuff was in very bad shape and I could hardly move it. Also, one of my knees was hurting a lot. But it all got tremendously better with sweetamine, after just a few days! Ieva, Colorado Springs, CO

I have Crohn’s and arthritis, for which I had been taking steroids for some time. But the steroids were causing so many side-effects, I went off them. But then, my arthritis got so bad, that I would wake up in the morning and everything hurt really bad: my arms, my legs, everything. Then I tried sweetamine. I took two packets a day, and within two days, most of the pain was gone. It was amazing; A-MAZING!!
Mackenzie, Cleveland, OH

I have had great results with sweetamine.  My husband and 2 friends are amazed.  I was feeling exhausted, stiff and my joints were very sore. I felt like something was wrong.

Then I heard you speak on the Drew Mariani radio show. What you said about inflammation and aging caught my attention. I tried it. Before the week was over, my joints stopped hurting and my stiffness was gone! Two friends and my husband tried it and are very happy with the results. So glad you discovered and packaged this! Mary Anne, Scottsdale, AZ

My family doctor had told me I had “pre-diabetes”, with an A1C of 6.7. But last time I went, I had been taking sweetamine every day for a month, and my A1C was down to 5.5 (normal). I told my doctor about sweetamine, and she said “Whatever you’re taking, it works!” So I’ll keep taking it every day with my tea, and I also really like the taste!      Graciela, Santa Cruz, CA

My family doctor told me I had diabetes, with my A1C at 7.5, and she put me on metformin. The next time I saw her, I had been taking sweetamine for one month, and my A1C was down to 6.3! I told her about sweetamine, and she said, “Whatever you’re taking, it works!” I hate taking any kind of drugs and now I don’t have to, because sweetamine really works!       Edith, Sacramento, CA

[I sent Graciela and Edith (among others) a copy of the published clinical trial of glycine supplementation in Mexico City in 2008. In a placebo controlled trial, Cruz et al. tested 38 men and women with type 2 diabetes for 90 days, and reported that mean A1C was reduced from 8.3 to 6.9 in diabetic patients who took 15 grams/day of supplemental glycine for 90 days.  Cruz M et al, J Endocrinol Invest 2008;31:694-99. JB]

My wife and I have been adding the Sweetamine to our morning hot oatmeal for about 7 days, it gives sweetness to the dull tasting oatmeal. I had an old right ankle injury few years back and developed chronic pain when I make a wrong step, the pain comes and goes, and I have been told by an Orthopedic Surgeon that soon I will need arthroscopic surgery. Now I noticed that the ankle acts more stable and feel no pain when walking.

My wife and I wish to share with you all the positives, as there are NO negatives. We will be using Sweetamine as our daily regimen and spread the good news to all our friends. Thank you for Sweetamine, great product.

–Tad, Mission Viejo, CA

I fell and shattered my right ankle about 8 months ago, and it still has not fully healed.  Even though I walk without a cast, I still had to ice it each night to reduce the swelling.  Since day 3 of my 12-Day Challenge, I have only iced it once, and now the soreness and swelling are nearly completely gone.  I am thankful that I was introduced to Sweetamine!”–LG, VA  Age 58

After 4 days of using Sweetamine I strained my right knee when pushing a stroller up a steep hill and developed pain. The next morning the pain was totally gone and the knee was never swollen. Also before I started using the Sweetamine, I had swollen 1st through 5th Metatarsal head under both my feet and between my fingers. After 3 or 4 days I noticed that the swelling of both feet is gone and the spaces between the fingers are normal.

–Janina, Mission Viejo, CA

Sweetamine® has helped people across the country feel less pain and soreness than they ever have! These are but a few of our Sweetamine fans who are living more active, healthier lives thanks to Dr. Joel Brind’s scientific breakthrough!


“I was taking Sweetamine for a short time before I was scheduled for ankle surgery. My doc advised to stop all supplements until after surgery.  So I stopped about two weeks before, and I could feel all my joints ache again.  I started taking the Sweetamine a few days again after surgery, and it greatly subsided except for the surgical area on one ankle.  But, two weeks after surgery, I felt much better with other joint aches diminishing.  When a friend drove me to get cast off two weeks later, my doctor and my friend were amazed at how little inflammation my foot and ankle had.  I thought I was going to be recast, as surgical instructions stated, but my doctor put me in a walking boot instead, but still non-weight bearing.  I feel I owe this all to Sweetamine.  I have inflammation in my system, and Sweetamine helps me with relief.  I also told my rheumatologist I was taking this new product 2 months after surgery, and he told me to keep taking it.  Thanks, Dr Joel, for a great product.” – Christine, Chicago, IL

“Dr Brind, what you have done, for me and doubtless many others, is miraculous. I am grateful for your dedication, your willingness to share your discovery, and especially to have been fortunate enough to find it! I am in your debt.” –  Daniel, Cambria, CA

“I love sweetamine! It is very effective in making my joints much “smoother” so to speak. I am a very sports active 43 years old male and I was starting to feel some aches that now are totally gone. ” – Alessandro,  Toledo, OH

“So when kneeling down to find my flip-flops usually my knee is tender and sore. Not today. Thank you, sweetamine!” – Allee, Bala Cynwyd, PA

“I’ve been taking sweetamine daily for about 90 days. I’ve been in FL for two weeks now. My skin looks red on the beach but I have no pain and no burn, shortly after leaving the sun I don’t even look red just tan!” – Joe from Florida

“I’ve been meaning to tell you that my legs are no longer painful to the touch. They would hurt terribly when the leg massage was done at my pedicure. Not anymore!”- Marie from Texas

“I have seen a great improvement with my psoriasis – feet no longer crack and bleed and they look beautiful instead of red and scaly – I really appreciate my feet now HA!”- Norma from Alberta, Canada

“I rode my bicycle 80 kms (50 miles) on Sat. and had a double hit of Sweetamine before bed that night – barely a stiff muscle in my body!! I am a novice biker, so this ride was a BIG deal for me. I was already impressed, but NOW!!! Thanks for Sweetamine :)”-DH, British Columbia, Canada

Dr Brind, your glycine concoction is working: right ankle pain almost completely gone (one year of persistent pain). Mobility has improved systemically. Just feel better in general.  Thanks!!! Keep up the good work. – Don from Albany, TX 

“So glad to see Sweetamine on the market.  I leave tomorrow for Malawi with the sweetamine I got from you before I left for Israel. I have been alternating the sweetamine ( while at home) and the sweetamine on the road.  It is wonderful.  Oh – by the way – I returned from Romania and found my roof had leaked – Common in Florida and simple fix but the interesting thing is that it leaked on the stairs (polished wood) and I did not notice and slipped.  I went down 4 steps with my one leg twisted under me. The next day my ankle, knee & toes were black.  I learned I sprained the ankle. The swelling was down by two days and in three the color was normal.  YESSS! Thanks sweetamine!” -PM from Palm Bay, FL


“I have struggled with a “quarter size” spot in my lower right back that has caused me grief for many years. I have sought help from chiropractors with no relief. Within three days of taking Sweetamine, I didn’t have this lower back pain. It was like, “It’s gone.” I also seem to have a limberness in my hands, fingers, and hips that I hadn’t had in the past.” -Mary O., Winterset, Iowa

“In recent years, I’ve been suffering from gout, a joint condition which gets easily inflamed, causing a great deal of pain. Recently, while at the airport, I tripped and fell over someones suitcase, hurting my back and my arm and initiating a gout attack. Fortunately, I’d been taking the active ingredient in Sweetamine, as a supplement for about a week, and my gout attack was much milder than usual”-SM, Virginia, Age 58

“Last winter we had a tremendous amount of snow.  And I’ve shoveled more snow that I have in years.  Even back in my 20’s, my back and arms used to get real sore the next day.  But not anymore!  Not since I’ve been taking the active ingredient in sweetamine, I’m never sore at all from shoveling snow or any other exercise!– JB, Upstate NY, Age 60

“This stuff is fabulous.  I have been suffering from severe tennis elbow for months, which has hampered my ability to play tennis or lift weights.  After a week and a half of Sweetamine, I hit the tennis courts.  I hyperextended my elbow in the first ten minutes of playing, which would ordinarily sideline me for almost a week.  However, I kept playing, and thanks to Sweetamine, the pain went away and I was able to play for 3 straight hours.  And, my elbow felt great the next day!  Thanks, Sweetamine!”– MS, Philadelphia, PA Age 27


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