Backed By Science
Designed to Stop Inflammation

The Main Cause of Inflammation

Stress takes a toll on us all. Medical science is now confirming that most pain and chronic diseases have one underlying pattern: they are rooted in inflammation; the body’s overreaction to some kind of stress.

The first and most persistent sign of inflammation is usually pain. It’s a sign that your body is overreacting to something or many things, damaging itself in the process. So, why does your body overreact?
Breakthrough biochemical science has now provided the answer: Chronic inflammation is largely due to a nutritional amino acid imbalance.

Our solution is unlike any other.

We blend science and sweetness. Sweetamine is all-natural, gluten free, sugar free, stevia free, diabetic friendly, and all vegan. To put it simply, we built Sweetamine purely and free of any harmful additives, to directly target pain and inflammation.

Giving Your Body More of What it Needs:


Sweetamine is a glycine-based sweetener designed to work for you. Your body already produces glycine, but not enough. In fact, glycine is the body’s natural regulator of inflammation and is also the smallest and simplest of all the 20 amino acids your body uses to make proteins.

Holistic remedies to naturally boost health and reduce inflammation through glycine consumption, including drinking bone broth, have become increasingly popular. While bone broth is great for you, you would have to ingest over a quart a day to get the same health benefits as one packet of Sweetamine!


Glycine is the amino acid your body uses to control inflammation, and most people do not have enough of it in their diet. Long considered “non-essential”, it is now known that the human body requires about 10 grams per day, and the typical diet provides only 2-3 grams per day.


Sweetamine is basically a supplement of the amino acid glycine.
One Sweetamine serving = research's daily recommended amount of glycine.

Sweetamine Daily Routine:

We make it simple: Enjoy one packet of Sweetamine every day. That's it!
Sweetamine is a delicious natural sweetener that contains 8 grams of glycine per serving. We formulated Sweetamine this way for your convenience and optimal health. It is a bulk nutrient: you don’t need milligrams per day— you need grams per day, making capsules or pills quite impractical.
To put it into perspective, the amount of glycine you get in one 8-gram serving of Sweetamine is equivalent to the glycine content of about 16 servings of gelatin or a quart of bone broth.


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