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Why Do I Need Sweetamine?

Sweetamine and Chronic Inflammation

Because chronic inflammation may be killing you.  Medical science is now recognizing that most chronic diseases that will eventually kill most of us –even cardiovascular disease and cancer– are rooted in chronic inflammation; the immune system’s overreacting to some kind of stress.

The most obvious sign of inflammation is usually pain.  When there is a genuine injury, some pain is appropriate.  But, we usually write off “ordinary” aches and pains as resulting from strenuous exercise or “normal aging”.

What most people do not understand is that everyday pain is not normal, no matter how old you are!  It is a sign that your body is overreacting to something, and damaging itself in the process.

So why does your body overreact? Breakthrough biochemical science has now provided the answer.  Chronic inflammation is often largely due to an amino acid imbalance that is easily corrected with a daily serving of Sweetamine® .

There is a great misunderstanding as to exactly what role inflammation plays in your immune system.  Many people, even doctors, will tell you that inflammation is a natural part of the healing process.  This explanation leads many to people to accept swelling, pain and stiffness as normal.  Not So Fast!


Inflammation is to your body’s immune system as the fire department is to home repair! Sure, they put out the  fire, but their water hoses and axes do a tremendous amount of damage as well!  Imagine if each time you lit a candle, or your stove, the fire department came running, spraying hoses and swinging axes!  We have a natural regulator on when the fire department comes in, it’s when we choose to call 911, or a reliable smoke alarm system.

But if the fire department comes running every time there is something minor, you wouldn’t be very happy!  Having chronic inflammation is exactly the same thing!  Your body’s natural “fire department (inflammation) is running uncontrolled, causing damage and making you age prematurely!  Luckily, your body has a natural regulator of chronic inflammation, and it is a simple amino acid called  glycine.

Unfortunately, the modern Western diet has evolved to where we typically do not eat the most glycine-rich parts of the food, the bones and cartilage and  tendons!  Therefore, our modern diet is glycine-deficient, so most  people suffer from chronic inflammation, which causes pain, swelling and stiffness. The answer to this problem is remarkably simple…EAT MORE GLYCINE!

One way to get more glycine is to eat ordinary grocery store gelatin, but you would have to eat 16 servings of it per day to get the glycine intake you need to re-balance your amino acid levels.  For those of us looking for an easier way, there is Sweetamine®.

A daily serving of Sweetamine®, with it’s 8 grams of glycine, replaces the glycine missing from our diet, allowing your body to naturally regulate chronic inflammation.

  • Greatly Reduced Aches and Pains
  • Increased Mobility
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Faster Recovery after Strenuous Exercise
  • A Natural Way to Fight the Aging Process

The Sweetamine® 12-Day Challenge is our way of letting you feel the rejuvenating effects of Sweetamine® RISK-FREE! Just pay $14.95 plus postage, you will start out on the path to a healthier, more active life, free from the aches and pains that you once thought were normal! 

We are so confident that you will feel great after trying it, Natural Food Science will be happy to refund your $14.95 purchase price if you’re not satisfied for any reason. You don’t even have to return anything!

Try Sweetamine® today and “Feel Better, Fast!”

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